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Story in the Bead

Webshop Story in the Bead
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E-mail: storybead@seznam.cz




Every Little Bead

Webshop Every Little Bead
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E-mail: info@everylittlebead.de




Pianeta Beads

Via Posidonia, 214
84129 Salerno SA ITALY

Webshop Pianeta Beads
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Phone: +39 089 725786
E-mail: info@gold-jewels-italy.com


Spazio Tempo

Via Valle Miano, 5
60125 Ancona ITALY

Webshop Spazio Tempo
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Phone: +39 328 3796913
E-mail: Calopsitta@live.it

The Netherlands


Bead Sensation

(Worldwide Webshop)

Webshop Bead Sensation
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Phone: +31 682777630
E-mail: sales@beadsensation.com